Country dBlimits Notes
Germany 99dB(A) & 135dB(C) LAeq 30 minutes average as per DIN 15905-5. Higher value: LCpeak
UK 107 dB(A) (140dB(C)) HSE recommendations, First value Event-LAeq, Event length average. Higher value LCpeak
France 105 dB(A) (120dB) LAeq 10 to 15 minutes average. Higher value LFmax
Italy 95 dB(A) (102 dB(A)) Higher value: LASmax
Austria 100 dB(A) resp. 93 dB(A) LAeq 1 minute average. Higher value for concerts and music halls
Sweden 100 dB(A) (115 dB(A)) Higher value: LAFmax , 97 dB(A) if children are on site
Belgium 100 dB(A) LAeq 1 hour average
Switzerland 100 dB(A) (115 dB(A)) LAeq1h hour average, Higher value LAFmax
WHO 100 dB(A) (110dB(A) Up to 5 concerts per year Higher value: LAFmax