Country dBlimits Notes
Germany 99dB(A) & 135dB(C) LAeq 30 minutes average as per DIN 15905-5. Higher value: LCpeak
UK 107 dB(A) (140dB(C)) HSE recommendations, First value Event-LAeq, Event length average. Higher value LCpeak
France 102 dB(A) (118dB) 102dB LAeq15 / 118dB LCeq15 updated 11.11.2019
Netherlands 103dB(A)LAeq15 as per ( "Agreement prevention hearing damage in the music sector"added 13.11.2019
Belgium 100dB(A)LAeq60 or 102dB(A) LAeq15 Highest category shown: requires full evironment license. max level never exceeded updated 13.11.2019
Italy 95 dB(A) (102 dB(A)) Higher value: LASmax
Austria 100 dB(A) resp. 93 dB(A) LAeq 1 minute average. Higher value for concerts and music halls
Sweden 100 dB(A) (115 dB(A)) Higher value: LAFmax , 97 dB(A) if children are on site
Norway 99dB(A) & 130dB(C) LAeq 30 minutes average. Higher value: LCpeak added 13.11.2019
Switzerland 100 dB(A) (125 dB(A)) LAeq1h hour average, Higher value LAFmax. 93dB(A)LAeq1h limit if children are present.
If SPL avg >96dB(A) and exposure time ≤ 3h, LAeq5min has to be recorded, time stamped and held for 1/2 year (180days). If exposure time exceeds 3h, a 84dB(A) silent area has to be installed. Minmum size is 10% of venue. updated 12.11.2019
USA ??? Most cities have provisions relevant to this subject see Noise Ordinances (Robert C. Chanaud. Ph.D.) Chapter 7.2 Public Address Systems & Appendix A and NIOSH: Places of public entertainment.
PROVISIONS: e.g. Salt Lake City 95 dB(A) at a position that would normally be occupied by a patron and 100 dB(A) at other positions Anchorage sets maximum levels for any patron at 90 dB(A). Los Angeles requires warning signs and limits noise exposure to 95 dB(A) at any position normally occupied Colorado Spring limits the sound levels to 80 dB(A) at residential locations.
WHO 100 dB(A) (110dB(A) Up to 5 concerts per year Higher value: LAFmax